Craig-Henry Building


We service the building as owners so we would work with you to negotiate the terms of the lease and answer your questions and concerns.

Yes, of course. We ask that you use Command strips and if that is not possible, ask us to arrange for professional hanging of pictures, white boards or any other objects. If there are holes left when you remove pictures, white boards and so forth, the patching and painting will be done at tenant expense.

All work has to be done by approved contractors that we have used or have previous experience with.

No, sorry, we do not allow pets in the building at any time.

No, we do not allow any smoking in or near the building, per City of Pittsburgh regulations. 

Move in/ Move out (Please ensure these steps are adhered to when moving in / out of building) 

  1. Please use the exterior door hooks to keep doors open for easy movement of furniture and other items in and out of entrances. Unhook when finished and ensure doors remain   
  2. Arrange for appropriate help to move items and use covers when moving furniture with sharp edges and corners. Any cost to repair damage to unit and common area walls, sills, banisters, windows and so forth will be charged to T   
  3. Please DO NOT use adhesive items for hanging pictures, framed documents or any other items. We prefer use of 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips. Landlord will offer assistance as

Insurance and Condition of Unit

  1. Tenants are required to obtain liability and personal property insurance (for residential tenants, this is commonly referred to as renters’ insurance). Craig-Henry Associates, LLC must be an additional named insured and evidence of that must be given in the form of a certificate from your insurer given to us. This insurance must be obtained and a certificate received by us prior to moving into the unit.
  2. Unit must be cleaned and kept in good condition throughout tenancy. Carpets, floors, blinds, bathrooms, stove, refrigerator must be regularly cleaned. This is a condition of your lease and, other than normal wear and tear, any repairs and cleaning will be deducted from the security deposit to restore the unit to good condition. We will inspect to ensure adherence semi-annually.

Refuse and Recycling Disposal

  1. All refuse must be placed in plastic bags, tied and placed in the refuse containers located at the side of the building. Please ensure the lids are closed after dumping trash. Fill containers from back to
  2. RECYCLING: Pick up day for recycling is TUESDAY so please deposit your items on Recycled items must be separately disposed of in the labeled container for recycling. We and our tenants are required to follow City of Pittsburgh regulations on recycling (e.g. plastic bags are not allowed in the recycling containers). Tenants will pay any fines or overage charges.
  3. REFUSE: Pick up day for refuse is Please deposit your refuse TUESDAY,. We expect the refuse area to be left tidy .The only trash that will be taken by Vogel is trash INSIDE the containers with the lid closed. Any trash left outside the containers is overage. Please do not leave any uncontained trash. Refuse containers are NOT depositories for matter other than daily refuse. Large boxes, packaging, furniture and other bulky, large items as well as batteries, light fixtures and so forth are the responsibility of the Tenant and disposal of these items must be arranged by Tenant as this is not the Landlord’s responsibility. We will charge each unit their proportional fee for refuse disposal and any overage charges will be billed to the tenant responsible.

Keys and Occupants

  1. Tenants receive two sets of keys per Unit. Requests for lock changes will be done at Tenant’s expense. Additional sets of keys must be approved by Landlord and are at Tenant expense. For replacement of lost keys and keys/locks that no longer work, Tenant will incur a fee determined by Landlord. Copies of keys are STRICTLY PROHIBITED by Tenant or any occupants of unit.    
  2. Landlord must receive a list (name, cell phone number, email address) of all employees and any other authorized occupants of unit. This list must be updated at least quarterly or as employees are added and subtracted so that Landlord always has a current list of all authorized occupants.   


  1. Landlord will provide, at tenant expense, the individual signs for each tenant in the building including directories, mailbox and unit signs.


  1. Tenants must adhere to City of Pittsburgh regulations for parking. Parking permits are issued by the City of Pittsburgh through an online system. Landlord informs the City of the names of our Tenants by unit upon commencement and expiry of Lease. Only Landlord is authorized to park in the building’s parking pad.   

Security Deposit – Important reminder

Tenant Security Deposits are held at PNC Bank, Craig St. Branch, 4600 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 in account titled “Craig-Henry Associates, LLC – Security Deposits”, Upon leaving at lease termination, please leave your new address, phone number and email at the Management Office (2M) so that security deposit refunds can be sent after our security deposit reconciliation is completed.  

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